Is it possible to connect Maschine to the Rekordbox mixer?

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Hi!! I have Maschine Mikro mk3 and Pioneer ddj 400 with rekordbox. Ive been trying but im not able to connect Maschine to Rekordbox as a track in the mixer. By the moment i could just link both programs, but not to put the Maschine in a channel of the ddj 400.

Im getting crazy T.T

Everything is connected via USB and i have a Steinberg interface too.

Please if someone knows something i would be grateful for life😭😭💙


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    Not sure if it will work or how it will in details. You need some kind of audio router to bring the output of the Maschine software to the inputs of the Rekordbox software, like Soundflower or Jackaudio. NI Blog did a little article a while back on how to achieve it with Traktor but you can probably adapt to Rekordbox and the DDJ 400: How to incorporate MASCHINE into your DJ sets

    Maybe one of our Maschine users uses the same setup and would like to share his experience ?

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