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More precise VU Meters on Traktor software.

Mr. Ji
Mr. Ji Member Posts: 1 Noise

Hi there, I just wanted to put it here, that I miss on Traktor software a longer and more precise VU Meters indicators for individual channels, with green, orange and red. I have two different set ups and none of them have a very long and visually reliable vu meters indicators. On traktor software they are short and you can't really see when its getting close to clip. To me personally it helps a lot to be more tight with the mix, specially when Im mixing with 3 decks. On traktor s4 mk3 I find that it was a great improve to have longer and more precise ones.

I ultimately rely on my ears but it helps a lot to have good visual support.

So basically, I want to say that it would be super great to have longer and more precise vu meters in the coming updates, with green, orange and red.

Wishing whoever reads this a good day!!

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