Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 - TT mode one turntable controls the other.



  • mixmastawood
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    edited May 2022


  • richardjohnn
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    This happened to me today too.. just filed a report.

    I have deleted those files and reinstalled Controller Editor via but how are you sure it is fixed? Do you know the exact steps to reproduce the issue in the first place?

    I hope NI can help me here, I've only had this thing since the 13th! Barely used

  • richardjohnn
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    Woww! You know what? Before this issue, I would do scribble scratches before and the "needle" would always drift backwards.. I thought maybe it just wasn't that accurate. But after deleting those files and reinstalling, this isn't happening at all. This makes me optimistic that something was really fixed.

  • Sir_Kato
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    Confirmed, Controller Editor was the issue. :)

  • Phenix
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    Yes I confirm, problem solved Merci beaucoup ☺️

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