Moving Libraries and repair/relocate gives UPDATE status

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Hi, I am on a Mac Studio M2 with latest Ventura. My NI installation has been working flawlessly, but today things started to get problematic (and i suspect it is related to the latest Native Access version i updated a few days ago).

My setup:

Mac Studio M2 Max

Sabrent USB3.2 (gen2) with Kingston Fury 2TB nvme (reads 800+/- mb/s) as storage for the kontakt libraries.

When I install libraries with Native Access (lets say i.ex several 100GBs in size) Native Access downloads and then install. Everything works as expected and is fine, but for some reason the Sabrent/nvme get VERY hot. I am scared the chassis and/or Nvme will fail.

As a workaround I change library location in preferences to a temporary old spinning disk storage I got. When the installation is done I close Native Access and move the downloaded content to the Sabrent Nvme. That move job is rather quickly done. The Nvme does not get hot at all. Absolutely no problems to move 100GB in one go. I then start Native Access and do the well known REPAIR/relocate and point to the new location. Everything is fine and works perfect.

This is not the case anymore. After the latest Native Access update, the same process described above still works, but the libraries say they need UPDATE. Expected would be they say "INSTALLED".

The only way I now can get to say "INSTALLED" is by avoiding to move/repair/relocate. This means there are no other solution than to install directly to the final destination.

Luckily I have a Flir Thermal imaging camera, and as you can see in the picture the Sabrent/nvme get VERY hot.

I always thought that nvme disks only get HOT if they do massively writes (like big data in longer periods). But in my case it seems that it heats up even if it is writing slow, but in long periods. This might be a design flaw from sabrent or kingston. I dont know, but I can live with that as long as i can move and relocate without having a false status (UPDATE and not INSTALLED). Here is a picture of my poor nvme disk:

I hope some NI devs can check into this issue?

Thank you so much for reading



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    @Hayo_NI , the above must be for you.

    @HFK , Hayo_NI might be too busy so if he does not respond then please contact N.I. Native Access and Installation Support

    At the page N.I. Native Access and Installation Support be sure to scroll down to page bottom to see if there is a log-in request , if there is then log-in , at next page again scroll down and small blue chat box ought occur within 15 seconds. Then write in chat box and when getting suggestions then select did not help when it didn't , that ought to bring you on to either chat with human or open a ticket. (You need to use a browser with Cookie , Security and Extensions settings that will allow for log-in on the page for the page to work)

    There has been introduced chat support for Native Access assistance (at least daytime on normal work days) :

    Please refer to the page : How to get in touch with our Customer Care

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    I believe i found the bug, and this must be fixed by NI

    If i do an "Update" in native access NOTHING is changed in the actual content folder, BUT the file inside "installed_products" is changed. It is a "product name.json" file. After a relocate job the new path is changed, but VERSION (for some reason defaults to 1.0.0).

    The files are located here:

    I backed up the files inside there (after fully updated to latest of course). Then did a move/repair/relocate. Libraries then needed UPDATE. I closed NI Access and restored the "installed_products" contents and started NI Access again…. Everything was 100%

    Example of a library

    When updated to 1.0.6:

    {"ContentDir":"/Volumes/NVMe 01/Native Instruments/Jacob Collier Audience Choir Library","ContentVersion":"1.0.6"}

    When relocated:

    {"ContentDir":"/Volumes/NVMe 01/Native Instruments/Jacob Collier Audience Choir Library","ContentVersion":"1.0.0"}

    I hope this can be addressed and fixed.



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    Not sure about the relocating issues but…

    56C is warm but a normal operating temperature, max temp recommended is around 70-75 for most manufacturers. NVME SSD's are recommended to be used somewhat warm, being too cold is not so good for them.

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    I figured out the problem.

    When moving a library and relocating i seems to create a new "product name.json" inside the folder:

    "your hd/users/shared/native instruments/installe_products

    It does not care about the old file inside there at all. This must be a bug NI !

    Before i moved the library the product said:

    {"ContentDir":"/Volumes/NVMe 01/NI/Jacob Collier Audience Choir Library","ContentVersion":"1.0.6"}

    After repair/relocate/ it say:

    {"ContentDir":"/Volumes/NVMe 01/NI/Jacob Collier Audience Choir Library","ContentVersion":"1.0.0"}

    So manually bumping the version to 1.0.6 fixed the issue!

    And as evidence i thought maybe I could get a future super new version as well :)

    Thanks, jope this can be fixed soon


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    That was short lived happiness….

    Everything looked good, until opening the instrument in Kontakt. In settings and "instrument options" in the actual loaded instrument it show old version. I can not understand how a library downloaded (but moved) less than 24 hours ago suddenly can become old. My guess here is that the repair/move job actually ignore "forget" some important config file which triggers content to need update.

    Well well, my hope is in a good NI dev :)

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