Maschine software audio input limit

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Why does Maschine software have an audio input limit of only 4 stereo pairs? Surely the input limit should be dictated by your audio interface limits?

I have multiple external synths that I have created control macros for on my Maschine hardware so I can control them but I am limited to using only 4 (stereo) synths at any one time. I want Maschine to control everything without having to go into settings and select which synths I can and cannot use.

I don’t want to resort to patch bays either when technically there should be no reason to do so.



  • basehead617
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    a very good question they have never answered- same goes for 2 auxes

  • SimonJan
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    Hi. I have the same question. Why is only 4 stereo inputs? I'm using Maschine with Roland Fantom and I want to use all 16 channels. NI please answer for this post . Thank you

  • FreakyD
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    Got the ability to control all 9 volcas but not to record them. Forced me to buy ablation to only use a maschine plus for midi and ableton like a mixer. Would be so nice to cut out ableton. Just going to keep actively checking in on those updates. Hoping… one day.

  • tequilatram
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    +1 for more audio input/output routing within Maschine software. There doesn't seem to be a technical problem with going beyond 8 (4 stereo pair).

  • TheOscillator
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    Same Issue. Why the limitation in software when other DAWs leave it up to your system device channel count. Building of the perfect hardware integrated template just ran into a wall with a crash.

  • 6xes
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    instead of getting all grouchy over the limitations of the audio input limit within maschine...

    have you considered asking other users for workarounds??

    also i wonder if workarounds provided showed ways around it... would you utilise the work-around??

    lastly does your audio world only revolve around Maschine.... becos that to me would seem like a self imposed limitation if that were true!

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    This post seems fishy. 4 newcomers all asking for the about same thing? NI burner accounts trying to control some kind of narrative? NI AI bot accounts asking same questions? 😂

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  • 6xes
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    whats entirely odd about that date... is when we consider the timeline of the new forum vs the old forum... and that only some of the old forum was carried over... and other parts of the old forum discarded

    edit: my mistake my bad

  • D-One
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    @6xes The majority of it was 'discarded' apart from Kontakt scripting stuff and a couple of other things because unfortunately, it had to be done manually, there are no automated tools to port things over... The scripting stuff can't be lost as there are not many sources to learn.

    For the feature requests, it's really too bad as new NI employees aswell as new users have no idea for how long people have been massively asking for some things, I reckon some new important NI folks don't even know who I am and look how long I been around organizing those feature requests... :S

  • Morris B.
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    Hey everyone,

    I just came across this limitation as well. I want to use Maschine's step mode to sequence my Vermona drum machine and several external synths, which works like a charm, but I can only get the audio of eight mono channels back in...

    So +1 for getting rid of that astonishing and, to my eyes, unnecessary limit within the software. Could someone from NI comment on whether that is something that will be changed in future updates, so I can manage my expectations?

    Also, has anybody ever found a workaround?

    Thanks and take care!

  • KidBomba
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    Bumping this for 2024. This limitation still exists, and i think it should be dictated by the audio drivers. unlimited I/O should be a feature for today.

  • tetsuneko
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    I use a mixer with an aux send myself. All my synths are connected to the mixer. If I want to record loops etc into my Maschine+, I send what I need via an aux send into M+ input and resample it in.

    I cone from the old school, where you always use a mixer if you are "out of the box". In fact, I don't think I've ever had an audio interface with more than 8 inputs..

  • AggroMan
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    Same issue here. Would be great to allow dynamic number of audio inputs.

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