Track decks vs remix decks

ivi apricot
ivi apricot Member Posts: 17 Member

I am moving from rekordbox to Traktor and I want to use a Midi control setup using Traktor and Maschine

I’ll be mixing tracks on 2 decks but I want to add elements (loops, vocals, ambient sound) on 2 additional decks.

My initial thought was to have a 4-deck setup using using two Traktor X1.

But I wonder if a 2-track deck and a remix decks setup (one Traktor X1 and a F1) would make more sense.

I have never used one and watching Youtube videos does not give you a real life feeling of what this might be like.

Can anyone with experience of the F1 give me a feedback of what it might give me more than a second X1 to control 2 additional decks?

Thank you

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