Maschine 2 not starting on windows

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Hey there,

when I'm trying to start Maschine 2, it stops working after trying to initiate GUI. I installed it from Native access and only on my very first attempt to open it was I successful. I am working on a windows 10 computer with all updates installed. Also, I tried reinstalling the application as well as initiating as admin, NIHostIntegrationAgent NIHardwareService are being executed.

I would be glad if anyone was able to help me. Cheers, Aurelio.



  • Kubrak
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    It happens to me that Maschine does not start at first/second try, from time to time. Usually will try to run it for second/third time. If it does not work, I stop its running process in Program Manager.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Update on behalf of the OP: The solution is to reinstall everything after removing the plugins.

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