Wedding BeatSource Playlist WorkFlow

Caleb Grayson
Caleb Grayson Member Posts: 7 Member

Couples often send me a playlist in Spotify and I use the recommended TuneMyMusic to convert it to BeatSource Link and it shows up in Traktor under BeatSource>My Playlists.

The problem is some tracks don't dhow up even though BearSource has them. So I have to manually add them. but then my track order is out of alignment.

I was wondering what YOUR workflow is when converting playlists.



  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,525 admin

    Perhaps something our resident DJ @Ryan_NI can pitch in?

  • Ryan_NI
    Ryan_NI Customer Care Posts: 191 mod

    hey @Caleb Grayson ! hope you're well.

    Traktor doesn't officially support TuneMyMusic, so this might be a part of the issue - it might be an issue that Traktor isn't able to read the file as a result.

    That being said, are you logged into Beatsource via Traktor?

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