Can't activate perpetual EastWest EWQLSO licenses

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I am trying to activate perpetual EastWest Symphonic Orchestra EWQLSO Silver / Pro XP licenses on Mac Silicon via Native Access, which should be possible according to NI.

But nothing works. Support can't be reached, emails aren't read, imported libraries aren't accepted because they don't contain a nicnt-file which these older libraries don't even have.

This is the worst product support I have ever experienced, period.

RealGuitar no problem, Stylus RMX no problem, IKMultimedia Classic Studio Reverb no problem. All support could be reached within a single day, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful.

Here: A wall of half true info pages and a palpable complete disinterest in supporting customers. I am sure the first person to actually read any of my inquiries is the person paid to sanitize this post.

Can anyone help with the EastWest library?

Thanks, Tom

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @T99 I don't know how you tried to reach support but I can't find a request from you. We have a dedicated support section. For activations and installations, you need to get in touch here:


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