Serial number registered by an old buyer

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got the kontrol s49 mk2 from an auction website, now i am trying to have access to the softwares that comes with it but when i come to rgister the product it says that the serial number is already registered, how can i fix this?



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    Quote Matt_NI : All you need to know about License Transfer

    Contact N.I. Account Support with proof of purchase and a picture of the serial on bottom of device and explain the situation

    The "resolution that works" is the click through make the right choices to open a ticket : N.I. Account Support

    (You need to use browser with Cookie , Security and Extensions settings that will allow for log-in on the page for the page to work)

    Scroll down to bottom of page N.I. Account Support and log in

    Then click the Contact support

    Then again scroll down and click the Contact N.I. support that shows

    Then yes , damn it ! , then you have to click the Contact N.I. support again

    1: Do you need help with the activation or installation of a product?


    2: Is your question about License Transfers / 2nd hand purchases?


    3: We have collected all info around 2nd hand purchases in this overview.

    That doesn't help

    4: OK. Are you a buyer or seller


    5 Have you received a License Transfer Token?


    6 Have you bought it from a shop (Guitar Center, Sweetwater, Thomann, etc.) or from a private person (Ebay, Facebook, etc.)?


    7 Please ask the seller to request a License Transfer Token as explained in this article.

    I Can't contact the seller

    8 Please upload a photo of the invoice or receipt from the seller.

    You have to take the rest from there yourself since I can not start opening empty tickets just to make a guide for you.

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