Is there a defect in the Noire piano samples?



  • R2Etude
    R2Etude Member Posts: 18 Member

    The wooshing sound unfortunately starts when the sample itself starts. I’m not an expert in noise reduction, but any technique I’ve found and tried just ends up with a muddier sounding piano, which is kinda how it sounds already when you don’t use Noire’s or your DAW’s EQ to increase brightness, or without using higher velocities.

    I ended up publishing my song CLYMB without making much effort to hide the imperfection, and to my ear, it’s very obviously there.

  • KVJ Productions
    KVJ Productions Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    This is happening to me too. It's really really apparent on headphones, if you listen to the piano and even more so once a track is brought up to scratch on the mixbus.

    I hate to sound negative and all, but it honestly renders the instrument useless if I can't have it out front in the intro of a track for example. It's not made to sit in a track and be complimentary.

    Thoroughly disappointed with this.

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