User Zone move groups?

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There isn´t really much to say here. I created 8 user zones, set the first 6 to go into group 0 like so :

set_zone_par(NI_USER_ZONE_IDS[0], ZONE_PAR_GROUP, 0) ... etc.

and the other 2 into different groups. I don´t exactly know when or why it happens, but after fiddling around with the instument for some time (adding to the script, dragging in some samples etc.) the user zones always all end up in group 0.

Is this a bug? Group 0 is in sampler mode, the other groups which hold the other user zones are in wavetable mode. Is this maybe a problem?

After the mistake appears I can copy the exact same code into a new instrument (with the right group layout) and it works fine again...


  • EvilDragon
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    Can't say I ever noticed this. We'd need clear and consistent reproducible steps.

  • darb1
    darb1 Member Posts: 22 Member

    Thought so. Next time I run into the problem I hope I realize it in the moment it actually happens. Then I´ll update!

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