Traktor3 Pro 3.5.2 fails to broadcast properly via icecast2 and liquid soap

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The broadcast option of Traktor3 Pro is using the icecast2 protocol. Traktor 3 Pro fails to connect to the latest versions of icecast2 ( ) and liquidsoap ( ) using the icecast2 protocol that is defined here:

The issue is that in the communication to icecast or liquidsoap, Traktor PRO will only respond to a "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" message, and not a "HTTP/1.0 200 OK" message as defined by the standard. The different is only one small minor number, however its the reason it fails to connect.

Support has told me that NI will remove the broadcast functionality in future versions, advise me to use some complicated setups with small helper applications that would take over the broadcasting functionality.

They also refused to give me a refund for this DJ software that is useless for my purpose.



  • Simchris
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    Hopefully n.i. Will elaborate here or point to support document, otherwise the post not very helpful without the specifics.

  • Ryan_NI
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    Hey there,

    Our Customer Care team is looking into the issue right now and we need a little bit more time to help provide a proper response. We sincerely appreciate your patience while we work through trying to find a solution. Thank you! 🙂

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    Maybe it is not an use case any more.

    Instead of fixing, removing functionality is also some kind of keeping an app functional. :-)

  • Matt_NI
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    @hbayle Just to clarify, we do not issue refund for software (it's written in our T&C, checkout ...). Just like Ryan suggested, we're looking into it and hopefully soon we'll understand better about what's happening here. If it comes to it, our team will definitely help you with your purchase if TP3 doesn't not work as you expected.

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    Meanwhile I got a refund from NI for Traktor 3 PRO, thank you NI.

    I can assure you that my observation is valid, because I modified the source code of icecast2 as well as liquidsoap in such way that they both send a "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" message to Traktor Pro after it has sent its initial connect message.

    In that way, Traktor 3 PRO was able to connect to icecast2 as well as liquidsoap.

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