Screen size and Traktor Pro 3 visibility - Macbook Pro 15" and 17"

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I've been using a Macbook Pro 2011 15" for a year or two, and got used to the size of interface and its controls as rendered on this 15" screen. (I know that the IN/OUT buttons don't appear by default, as one of the quirks for the 15" screen.)

I've just upgraded to a 2012 Macbook Pro 17" - Traktor Pro 3 looks great (better resolution) but the actual words/dials/information are all rendered SMALLER on the 17" screen. You do get all the functionality visible (including those IN/OUT buttons) but it's just harder to see from a distance (particularly for the older DJ such as myself!).

Is there any way to increase the size of the display output so that I get the benefit of the larger screen, please? I thought that by upgrading to the 17" I'd just get an enlarged interface, rather than everything a bit smaller (albeit a little sharper in detail).

I've looked in Settings but haven't been successful, yet.

Hope this question makes sense and that someone has a solution.

Thanks in advance.




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    You have to manage the screen resolution that your OS is using. My guess is that the 17" screen uses a higher resolution, hence the smaller display elements. The only thing you can directly scale in Traktor is the size of the browser font and lines.

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    That's what I feared. Thanks for that. Thank goodness TVs don't do the same thing - otherwise Match of The Day on these 65" TVs would have incredibly tiny football players on them!

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