Panning not working through headphones output (Cubase 11 Pro)

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Hi, I´ve been working on the postproduction of a shortfilm when I realized the panning isn´t notable trough the headphones output on my Komplete Audio 6 MKII. It is notable, though, through the outputs 1/2 to which I have my speakers connected. But with my headphones, through headphone output 1, there only seems to be a small difference in volume when panning to the left or right, so I suppose Cubase or the drivers of the audio interface don´t recognize the headphone output as a stereo output. This is a problem as Native Instruments doesn´t offer a software to rout and adjust the inputs and outputs of the audio interface, and Cubase or other DAWs don´t recognize the headphone outputs, only the main outputs (1, 2, 3 & 4) at the back of the interface. Could someone help me out with this?



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @ddnutz Panning should work as expected in Cubase or any other DAW with the Komplete Audio 6mk2. To be 100% sure I just tested it. Panning is working as expected, in the hadphone outputs and on the main outs. Did you install the ASIO driver ? Installing the ASIO Driver for KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 / 2 / 6 MK2 (Windows)

    Do you experience this with any other software ? Is the stereo image normal when you are checking a video for example ?

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