Please confirm Maschine can't route MIDI from a VST/AU plugin?

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I'm trying to route MIDI output from a VST plugin (Hypercyclic, Tonespace or Reaktor) to another instrument in Maschine and I can't figure this out. Tutorials I've found online suggest using either a physical MIDI loopback cable (??) or the IAC Driver on Mac, but both of these solutions really get in the way.

Is there really no way to just directly route the MIDI output of a plugin to another instrument? Am I just doing this wrong?

The IAC Driver workaround can be made to work because you then have to set the default MIDI input mode to None, otherwise whatever is feeding the virtual loopback will play on whatever is in focus in Maschine.

Doesn't work

This seems like it should work, but doesn't do what you would expect (instead it just routes MIDI notes recorded to the pattern to the other destination). This works in another DAW I tried it in (Reason) so I'm pretty sure its not a problem with the plugin:

This works, but requires a ton of extra configuration and constantly gets in your way

Every time you add a new instrument you now need to set up what channel it should monitor for recording... ugh



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