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  • alexhillsmusic
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    I just want to be able to change the tempo of loops for each scene. I create all of my loops in Logic and I use Maschine + to run the loops. But each track has a different tempo. I'll start the next song with a 4 bar loop whilst I'm changing sounds on my Synth, or grabbing my guitar, I then launch into the song, I don't want to change projects for each change as this takes time and takes away the flow…

    I have an ableton push 3 standalone unopened in my room,,,, I want to sell it and use Maschine.. I'll even spend £800 buying a new one for a back up! Just about to launch my first album… AHHHH Please just allow tempo changes for different patterns!

  • Psyearth5
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    I'm Little to late but, do it. Just do it and then made it clear for everyone about what topic is. People asking for things that are already possible and not just that but it offer's new point of view on a so called Automation which is at the end when I compare Cubase project with Maschine is the same and in some cases even more " Creative"

    Users must first try to be able to compare Lock States and minimum of Automation - Modulation but who will tell them about how to use Lock States on linear time line triggering precisely more points of Automation but it's easier to see Automation Lane's and mouse to made them Mathematically perfect...I agree but it's same with Maschine. 1. Lock State can be fade in and next can slowly introduce next sound coming to the track and it can be in a real time or by placing Lock States on Time Line same as Notes C1 = -C2 and there's 64 possible automation states which is more than enough for very complex Morphing of literally every parameter, from Pan , Volume, Sends ,FX , Synths ect if there's anything else.

    It can go so far to play impossible Complex structures but it's useful in specific cases and we must not forget about Sampling and Resampling techniques for crazy results.

    With Resochord i achieved unbelievable eternal textures and with Lock States I Composed Amazing Chords with flavor of the processed sound.

    Psy Trance ✔️ Techno House, Everything ✔️ .

    I don't have special requests but I would like to see some good request and I would vote for useful one's and even the one's which would be useful for users in general but for me Maschine is where I do everything and now M+ is finally making me to make decisions with more confidence.

    Several projects that I use for one are steps I made to get sounds I want but for beginners it's hard to explain what is drums bled ( snare and kick tails & how to fit them in 2 Bar Loop) I can imagine how they feel when they can't see in Sample Edit how long sample is other than in Minutes, second's and milliseconds.

    More memory, bigger projects, all of that is easy to get with Lock States, loading Groups on Muted Groups and deleting previous so basically everything is possible already in standalone ECO mode.

    Do it, made it clear about rules, point us all because sometimes even I get lost while I'm trying to help.

    M+ 5pin MIDI cable is making everything on much higher level and it is opening new possibilities.

  • Psyearth5
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    I have to add that if we are honest... everything is possible because everything is the same no matter who made for example Compressor or EQ and if we take to account that first rule of mixing is choosing the Mic and placement of the same which can be translated like " Choose right sounds that work together" 😉 and try Quickly everything will be closer to finished Project. Having Lock States in keyboard mode and placing them on linear time line made me there with using Computer for the Analizing and final touch a Master. I hope that new Maschine users will understand how simple everything is but nothing happens over the night. I wish success to everyone.

  • D-One
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    @Psyearth5 said:

    I'm Little to late but, do it. Just do it and then made it clear for everyone about what topic is.

    This a thread to explain something, 'clarifications' is right there on the title. Basically vote here on these pre-selected topics, that's it.

    Again if I delete offtopic comments and unrelated requests then I'd also have to delete your ussual posts going on and on about lock states, you have at least 4 in this thread alone. I understand you're trying to spread a message but it's becoming extremally spammy.

  • dok.ryconn
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    There is no shortage of feature requests and complaints about the lack of development for the Maschine software on the NI community thread alone. For years, the Maschine software has been completely stagnant (other than minor compatibility updates).

    I just want to know WHEN will there ever be a meaningful update? NI continues to provide false promises that "something is coming" or "we are listening to your feedback" but there is never any meaningful action from NI to back up these claims, I am convinced that the development of Maschine is hopeless at this point and I know I speak for most people from every reddit thread, FB post, etc. I would not be surprised if Maschine is discontinued by the end of 2024, as the rumors imply.

    I guess it's time to buy AKAI products, everyone! It's very hard to trust a company that keeps selling new products while crucial software goes completely ignored for years.

    I'm sure someone from NI will respond and explain that they added a bugfix a few months ago but that is not what the conversation is about. It's time to step it up and do something for your customers - the bottom line is that the Maschine software is janky, disorganized and lacking modern features that have been a standard in music software for over 10 years. Please wake up and stop talking about things that aren't actually going to happen. We want dates. We want action. We want change. NI has been "planning" stage for Maschine updates for so long that it's obvious that there are no developers working on anything Maschine related at all.

  • ozon
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    @dok.ryconn explainec:

    it's obvious that there are no developers working on anything Maschine related at all.

    Well, it was openly communicated in several threads, that NI bundled their development resources for Kontrol Keyboards mk3, NKS2, KK3 and Kontakt 7, which meant neglecting all other products during that time (about 3 years). It was also communicated, that the dev teams will target Maschine starting 2024. Given this information, it’s not very difficult to guess that there’s nothing new (except for fixes) to expect before 2025.

  • Psyearth5
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    Exactly and I'm not denying it but I would also like to see something different like just for example a rule that we all follow, at the end NI support solved my very complicated problem through this Form and I think that it could be much more efficient. My lock States push is solving a lot of problems and it something very useful in many different scenarios but I stopped because I have feeling it's pointless...I learned a lot from you and others from this Forum and I apreeshate it and maybe somekind of Rules of behaving and writing would improve efitientcy, in other words, I agree with your comment and we are adults and I don't mean literally, but some solutions exist and some decisions are not easy, but we have to make them... right?

    I voted for many F.R. and I didn't find it nessery to make YouTube Videos about how much feature I pushed can be helpful but who knows maybe I will after some time after promotion of my Latest Releases but it would be great if I could Post them directly here.

    I noticed that I am annoying and I don't want to write this long messages explaining how not mine invention or my invention Resaw a lot and I'm honestly amazed that people think it is workaround trick when...in many discussion's I descoverd that many users don't even use it and they are asking about how to delete MIDI modulations MOD, Pitch and as it can be done by record and hold default position on Touchstip it can be be solved much faster with taking snapshots of different variations.

    Later those snapshots can be deleted or one project can have several stages and number of available snapshots can be always be enough but I see that small % is thankful as I was and still am majority is annoyed by me and pushing of this amazing feature that is multipurpose and famous YT channel prompting Maschine from where I learned about this new way of using it.. he told me that there's no point but I didn't believe.

    I understand you and I am aware of what effect I am leaving and I should stop doing it and focus more on work I have to do. 😃 We should be community and generational shift cought me in the middle of requests for more usability of the snapshots , Costume Chords to Pads which I learned it from others that was possible even before adding Chord Position and my conclusion is, I don't want to be annoying and I would rather learn something new.

    I hope you understand me because I understand you and there is some truth in your comment.

  • Psyearth5
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    But what? I would like and I voted for some Feature Request like having time signature in Edit Sample mode that corresponds to patterns. More than one start point in Sampler ect. I do miss ability to reverse Polarity Phase to get Sound Cancelation but still I think that Maschine is Revolution and I am using it successfully and I would like for more users to learn and use it Creatively like this example

    I made this in less than 5 minutes and I was just playing with different Music Genres. Techno House Psy Trance everything is possible and I would be happy to help or share anything.

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