Are M1 compatible VST-Synths loaded by me via Komplete Kontrol running natively?

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Hello dear NI Community,

I use a Mac Mini M1 (2020, 16GB RAM) and as main master keyboard and control center I use Komplete Kontrol in Ableton Live 11.1 for most VSTs. 

I load e.g. Geforce OB-E, Diva, Cherry Audio synths into the Komplete Kontrol VST in Ableton on my tracks and can use the hardware controllers/knobs of my KK S MK2 keyboard perfectly to control the synthesizers. 

Since Komplete Kontrol does not support M1 natively, I have to run Ableton Live 11.1 in Rosetta Mode as a workaround. 

My question:

Are the VST-Synths that are already M1 compatible and loaded by me via Komplete Kontrol running natively or emulated?

Does anyone here have experience how to get the best result until NI gives us a Komplete Kontrol version that supports M1 natively?

Thanks and greetings,



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    Komplete Kontrol is not yet natively compatible (but soon), so synths are not running natively either.

    You could try to run KK in standalone mode to see what happens 🤷‍♂️

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