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Hi Good day

Due to the development of Recordbox and serato , Traktor software has not been updated for a long time, and the latest hardware produced is the s8 device. If this trend continues, please let us know that we native users go to active companies like pioneer.

I'm really interested in DJ traktor software and I do not like to change it at all, but due to the rapid development of other software, we traktor users were forgotten 🤦‍♂️



  • Sûlherokhh
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    I would like to point out that what you are reporting isn't true.

    1. There has been new hardware after the s8 came out.
    2. The latest version of Traktor is only weeks old.

    That being said, many Traktor users have superficial to serious gripes with specific long-standing or newly introduced issues regarding both hardware and software. I don't think any of those are in causal connection with the development of other DJ software to as immediate a degree as you indicate, although there certainly are timelike correlations to be found and all three softwares are used by DJ's.

    Good day to you too. 🦋

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