Sorting and re-sorting a collection on the fly - suggestions?

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long time dj, long time traktor user.....with the newest updates....

for some reason i cant find a way of recreating there something im missing?

when playing live, playing a track for a crowd, finding out it works, and wanting to place it in a different spot, in different crate or placement in a crate the old school way

emulated in the software.....i want to take a track, loaded and playing in a player, and store it in a new place....from a deck, not the browser....sometimes its long gone in the browser as im somewhere completely different in there, and to go looking for it again in browser, to do something with it within the browser sucks.....i wanna take it off the deck, wave it in the air sorta speak, and put it somewhere special

like move it to a new playlist? (from a deck, not the browser)

programmed to midi controller function? (from a deck, not the browser)

like colour code it on the spot? (from a deck, not the browser)

like give it a star rating? (from a deck, not the browser)

to drag and drop a playing track to a playlist seams risky?? (cpu) stress? mouse slip?

anyone play like this? oldsckool way of filing and refiling a music collection live? i never had a "statically" stored music collection in the old days, and now search bars, re-sorting columns and history playlists is fun.....but i miss sorting and re-sorting a collection on the fly, at a gig, with an audience and taking that new collection positioning to the next gig kinda energy......too much music prep, "alone", takes away from a vibe of spontaneity and intuitive music collection?

anyone miss this? or have a good workaround? am i missing something obvious thats always been in traktor (or now in the newest update)?




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    Welcome to the forum.

    So firstly, drag and drop from a deck isn't risky. I do it all the time.

    If I play a track and it goes down really well I make a note of this by dragging the track from the playing deck onto a playlist that I have at the top of the collection tree. This playlist is purely for this purpose. I can then move the track (or all of them if I do this after my gig) into the playlists I choose and then remove the tracks ready for the next gig.

    If we had a command to 'Load From Active Deck' (or Deck Focus) to a specified playlist similar to the command to append to the Preparation deck, would this help?

    I don't know of any midi command to move tracks from active decks other than the 'unload' function.

    Similarly, I know of know way to edit or apply tags (colour, star rating) within a playing deck. This can only be done in the browser which is a visual representation of the track Collection.nml

    Something that might help in this situation would be the often requested 'Back Button' on the Browser so you could go back a number of steps to different playlists. I know this wouldn't solve your issue exactly would it would help.

  • jayray
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    wow yes....over the years i have often wanted to reach for a "back button" in regards to un loading a track from a deck and putting the previous track back there....mistakenly loading a deck that was loaded some time earlier, and would be time consuming (if i could remember what it was) to go looking for that previously loaded track.....

    similarly reversing a browser path or even a "back function for the preview player" would work well with creativity in general.....emulating the old school way of putting a couple of records on a turntable to preview, setting a piece of vinyl aside to "go back to" (or build up too) when the time is right.....i use the four decks for "cueing purposes" alot (and in the old days), and my sound is actually quite different when only on two players/decks, not because i play them all at once but because i'm setting them aside, or bringing in pieces at a time, over some time.....a back button would foster this creative flow for sure, in the decks, browser and preview player

    i will start to drag and drop from a live (or just mixed out of) deck, always considered when it worked i just got lucky and always seemed like a risk.....perhaps im somewhat traumatized or cautious from older computers or traktor2 (or the combo).....the newest versions of software and laptops are so capable these days it seems, even the streaming link thing really seems to work!

    thanks for the advice

    .....a command line from deck focus or all specific decks, to any specific playlist(s) would be killer, could make various buttons for these and touch the computer less, although the drag n drop to the playlist tree will work i gona try it right away :)

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    edit: misread the question...

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