Maschine freezing after 2.15 update

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Maschine has suddenly started freezing on me after the 2.15 update. It happens pretty consistently while browsing sounds / packs.

I've tested this on a Mac Studio (M1 Max) and a MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) processor. I tested 2.14 on the MacBook and it worked fine, upgraded to 2.15 and the freezing issue was introduced.


  • Jesse J
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    Im having the exact same issue and have posted about it aswell , I just bought a new MK3 , imagine how frustrating it is for me when I realised the thing doesnt even get past browsing sounds

  • Alanezz
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    I'm having the same issue on a Macbook Pro M1 Max. It is weird because when I open a project from an expansion and browse the groups, Maschine works fine. However, when I start a new project, and I browse the groups, then Maschine freezes. I had to downgrade to 2.14.7, and now it works fine, but it is so frustrating.

  • Sancho Pantches
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    My one freezes if I try new chord parameter for anything more then 3 notes :(

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    Ouch! Are you all on M1 with Maschine mk3?

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    It seems to affect M1 Pro and M1 Max users only, there is already a thread about this issue here:

    Maschine software hangs while previewing kits

    Please note that we always mentioned issues with M1 Max Pro and M1 Max in our Silicon compatibility article:

    Apple Silicon (M1) Compatibility News

    Still, the Maschine / Komplete Kontrol team is working on it. Please follow the other thread. I'll close this one.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Sancho Pantches your issue seems different, could you create a new post and give more details, like your operating system for example ?

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