Maschine Crashes on Macbook Pro M1 - Monterey



  • 2cry
    2cry Member Posts: 2 Member

    Same happened to me!!! My Maschine software crashed on the day of a big studio session. This was the worst. So I went back to a later version of 2.14.5. But some of my projects will not load. This is very scary on a professional level. I have FL studio as backup

    Dear Native, Pls fix these bugs ASAP.

  • eandrew
    eandrew Member Posts: 14 Member

    The latest update 2.15.2 was stable for me up until last week (July 12) finished a project played it twice and it crashed. Couldn't get it to load back the project because it would crash after the scan. I rolled back to 2.15 & it crashed, I did a manual uninstall rebooted, then reinstalled from Native Access & it worked again... then the next day it crashed. did the whole process over again and it worked for an hour or so before crashing again. Well this is forcing me to really learn Logic and make it my writing scratchpad. I've been using Maschine since the MK1 came out, ever since upgrading my MBP to Mac Studio and my MK1 to MK3 back in March/April well lol it's been one big clusterf**k... Logic Pro here I come 😂

  • eandrew
    eandrew Member Posts: 14 Member

    Ok so I tried rolling back to 2.14.7 and everything works...except I can't load my projects. 😩 Super disappointed because of the investment made over the years it feels like there is nothing being done to rectify the Apple Silicon compatibility issues for Maschine.. C'mon NI

  • Sumnerlars
    Sumnerlars Member Posts: 1 Member

    I thought all along it was just me until I read on here many of you in the same boat here I purposely bought a Maschine mk3 a49 keyboard upgraded to komplete ultimate small little fortune tied up not anywhere near the results made I guess we are all stuck with an investment we can’t appreciate until native catches up with the software

  • eandrew
    eandrew Member Posts: 14 Member

    I don't know how but I got 2.15.2 to be stable the past few days. I've found one project that will cause it to crash don't know why but I'm grateful I can create for now.

  • djadidai
    djadidai Member Posts: 370 Pro

    I still don’t have any issues at all.

  • eandrew
    eandrew Member Posts: 14 Member

    Don't jinx yourself 😂 btw what are you running? I'm on an M1 Max. I'm curious which M1's are having the most compatibility issues with NI

  • eandrew
    eandrew Member Posts: 14 Member

    Ok.. so yours probably has less stability issues than this years variant which is what I bought back in March.

  • 5IM
    5IM Member Posts: 2 Member

    "I tried increasing the Buffer size in the Audio Preferences of Maschine to 1024 and it started to crash every time I changed kits. I then tried lowering the buffer to 128, and Maschine hasn't skipped a beat."

    Nice one! Once I lowered the buffer to 128 the crashes stopped. Not sure if this was an obvious fix 😂 but as I'm running it on the MacbookPro M1 Pro I wouldn't have thought it would be an issue. Bumped up the buffer to 256 sometimes 512 and all working smoothly now.


  • N. DuBois
    N. DuBois Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I can confirm that 128k buffer, solved the issue.

    Mac Studio M1 MAX

    32g RAM

  • DrLove
    DrLove Member Posts: 1 Member

    Having the same issue on my 2020 iMac with my Maschine+. None of the above has worked for me... This needs to be fixed ASAP!!

  • Bward2403
    Bward2403 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I changed my buffer from 512 to 256 and I do not have the problem any longer. Try that.

  • wallerus
    wallerus Member Posts: 4 Member

    This fixed the crashes for me too, thanks for the recommendation! I was super bummed to have NI's official statement in regard to the issue be "just downgrade the software."

    I also feel like I'm taking fuller advantage of the M1 Pro chip with the smaller buffer size. It's manufactured value, but value nonetheless.

    Thanks again for the reco!

  • Kinoal
    Kinoal Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
    edited August 2022

    Same problem here, I just lower the buffer and it seems to work...

    I hope the native M1 Application Native will come soon ! I suppose that it'll be release with the Komplete 14 ? It's more than time ! M1 are release since more than 2 years and even in logic , Maschine 2 always crash! Same for Komplete Kontrol, it's an horror!

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