Key Switches: Don't Want To Hold Down Always

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1) Using Kontakt 7 and loading guitar instruments, how can I keep and instrument key switch working without having to continuously hold down the key switch? (free up both hands to play)

2) If I load two or more guitar instruments, and want to play their key switches independent of each instrument, how do I do that? (I like different switches playing together from different instruments at the same time)



  • DunedinDragon
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    I typically just manually insert the appropriate keyswitch note into each guitars MIDI piano roll so it changes at the correct point. You don't have to hold them down to get them to change. Just an 1/8th note is enough to get them to trigger. Ableton allows me to set non-destructive overdubs on the MIDI tracks so I sometimes just record over the track and manually hit the keyswitches.

  • Rembi
    Rembi Member Posts: 8 Member
    DunedinDragon - thanks for that! Great idea, I will try it.
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