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Time based effects with Sine bank + Iterator setup

BLAIR Member Posts: 44 Member

Hey there guys!

I have this setup for a sine bank with 512 partials. I would like to now make the pitch of all even harmonics move back and forth ever so slightly, they could be modulated by a sine wave.

I don't know how to do this at the moment, as the iterator only updates each partial once per note press, but for what I want, I guess each partial would need to be constantly updating and applying to the sine bank all the time. Is there a CPU friendly way to achieve this?

I heard it can help to trigger apply to the sine bank when values change, so if a previous value stays the same after a new iteration event is triggered, the sine bank does not hit apply. Is this true?

Here is the setup. I also attached the .ens link through Google Drive


  • Studiowaves
    Studiowaves Member Posts: 450 Advisor

    I think Chet S was trying some additive synthesis and had to bail on his project from excessive CPU. 512 partials is not cpu friendly. have fun.

  • Chet Singer
    Chet Singer Member Posts: 56 Advisor

    I experimented with using a sine bank for additive synthesis. The amplitude envelopes were derived from FFT data from audio samples. It worked. I experimented with up to 400 partials.

    You might be able to do what I did. I clocked the iterator constantly at 1 kHz and set the Sine Bank to interpolate 1000 times a second. Then, the Sine Bank itself will take care of smoothing the inputs for you.

    To do what I did you'll need a core cell clocked by the iterator, and logic within the cell to identify the even harmonics and apply vibrato to them. I think it can work, but you'll have to be efficient about it.

    An easier alternative might be to use two sine banks, one for the even harmonics and the other for the odd, and just apply vibrato to one of them.

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