What is your favorite purchase over the holiday sale?

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I picked up Komplete 14 Standard and am still going through it, lol

I'm really enjoying building synths with Massive X right now...

Share your fav! :D



  • Milos
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    I bought Electric Sunburst Deluxe and Picked Acoustic!

    Very good guitar instruments for various genres!

    I recommend them!

  • PK The DJ
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    I didn't buy anything, because I have a Maschine+ and nothing had been released that could be used on standalone hardware. The only Maschine expansions not already in my collection weren't part of the deals.

    [sad face]

    Then the offer where you could get a discount if you spent £90........unfortunately everything was priced in such a way that it was almost impossible to spend just £90.

    Things were £89, £44 (so two would be £88) and so on.

  • Milos
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    Well, do you use Maschine+ only or do you use other software as well?

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