Issue with Komplete 12 Ultimate licence number and Native Access.

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Hi all,

Some of my plugins (mainly the effects ones) are only loading as demo versions. When I check to see what serial they are using in Native Access (NA) they show as still using my old Komplete 10 serial code - not my K12 Ultimate serial..

Is there a way to update them to show the correct serial? I've tried entering my K12 serial in the "I've got a serial" part of NA. I get the green tick - but this doesn't update the plugin serials. They still show K10. All other K12 Ultimate stuff is showing with the correct serial and running fine (raum, byte,Reakor, kontakt etc)

I've also tried unisntall and reinstall for the plugins that there is an issue wih - with not luck either (still shows the old K10 serial)

Wierdly- after uninstall they still show as installed in NA (but in Ableton they are not in the plugin folder). When I reinstall in NA they show as intalled in NA and they do show in Ableton (but are still loading as demo versions)

Any edvice/help would be much apprecieted.



  • Matt_NI
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    Hey EZ,

    Welcome to the forum. You may want to use the "ask a question" whenever you have an issue that needs to be solved. It helps getting everyone to see your post first :)

    For this type of issue, it's a bit difficult for us to check since it would require to have a look at your account a bit more closely and get serials shared.

    Please message our registration team directly so they can look at it with you:

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