Missing Album Artwork in Traktor



  • myalteredsoul
    myalteredsoul Member Posts: 44 Sine

    After creating a bunch of MP3’s manually and adding artwork at 500px X 500px, it’s still a crapshoot. It seems to just randomly not display covers with no observable pattern.

  • Demus
    Demus USAMember Posts: 38 Tri

    I guess after all the betas update this has still not been address. Wow, on windows 11 and all the other music or DJ programs including Traktor DJ 2 shows the cover Art except for Traktor Pro 3. By the way I am on the latest beta. Still no fix for this problem.

  • NikkosC
    NikkosC Member Posts: 1 Noise

    For those who prefer "the manual way", head to https://bendodson.com/projects/itunes-artwork-finder/ and search for the cover you want. Then add it to the track with the missing artwork. Covers come in high resolution.

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