Maschine 2.15 is out!



  • basehead617
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    Not sure how you mean, KK gets updated every time Maschine does with the same (applicable) features/fixes.. it shares a lot of the same codebase it seems.

  • OhulahanBass
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    I have not dug into the new autosampler, I hope to next week as I have been anticipating/wishing for an autosampler for a long time. That said, the 5 layer, 7 octave, multisample sounds I made with MainStage took several minutes to load on M+...until I upgraded my SD card to a Kingston U3, not what took minutes now takes seconds. Once I am home from traveling next week with all my studio gear and the new autosampler I plan to start building a big library of sampled hardware, really looking forward to it.

  • nightjar
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    As I said in my post you quoted:

    Info on KK's progress tends to be meager. It really feels that KK is treated in a second hand manner with regards to info and such.

    Case in point... I have to constantly come to Maschine category of this forum to glean a morsel of information about KK.

    KK category of this NI Community gets less attention from NI mods/admins.

  • basehead617
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    I see what you're saying, if you mean you don't care about Maschine but feel like you need to come here.

    It is strange because KK is much more widely used and popular than Maschine.

  • tempsperdu
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    fabio machado van zeller

    What i would really like is that we would talk more about "Maschine 2.15", or the other subjects of other threads. Everybody can do, write (or read) whatever they want but i think it´s strange that people complain that "they don´t listen", yet in almost every post they are complaining about the same stuff over and over again. They don´t listen so why trying.😲

    99.9% of the people that read this posts can´t really do anything about your frustrations, so please reconsider if you want to continue to nag us mere users.

    Also, an exercise of self conTROLL: if you feel that this post is against you personally, it is not. Can you restrain yourself and not answer to this post that is really not asking you anything? 🍿

    I've just looked back through the whole of this thread to see what might be upsetting you so, and I'm still puzzled.

    The majority of the posts are actually about 2.15.

    The fact that it was in theory released in an unfit state, which meant that many users couldn't use it, and updates on its progress were not what many would wish, is going to inevitably bring up considerations about NI's behaviour which while away the time they actually can't talk about 2.15. You may be new here, but many aren't

    If people do complain about the same things over and again, then surely that is because they are not being listened to by that company. In some strange way you almost seem to find that acceptable if not commendable, or I've really misunderstood you. You find that a plus point??????

    I cannot find an ignore button on this software, but it might be pertinent to ask for it to be implemented, so you don't have to view any posts which might upset you.

    Meanwhile, please respect that others may not share your views, and it's a little ironic to post a post complaining about people complaining.

    Until an ignore button is found or implemented, surely it's easy enough to skip reading a post if you find it inappropriate.

  • coarsy
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    Good morning,

    yesterday I wanted to use the 2.15 update first time with my Maschine Mikro MK1. And I had to downgrade to 2.14, because the controller doesn't respond anymore. Is this a known isse with 2.15 and Mikro Controller?

  • ozon
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    @tempsperdu wrote

    Until an ignore button is found or implemented

    There‘s an ignore list on your profile.


  • fabio machado van zeller
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    Thanx. What are the features that you think NI autosampler is missing? Im asking this because i think my use will be fairly simple :)

    Interesting about the SD card. I\ll try to do a test sampled instrument myself and try it, once we get the *cough* update on the M+.

  • blezzbeats
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    Go @Kaiwan_NI 💪 looking forward to the fix :)

  • tempsperdu
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    There‘s an ignore list on your profile.


    LOL should be problem solved then innit 😄

  • tetsuneko
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    I second heavier moderation for all future version update threads. I'd actually encourage dividing threads into two "tiers" from now on - threads where staying on topic would be more vigilantly enforced, and all the rest. Threads about version updates should certainly be more "no nonsense" than many others.

  • nightjar
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    When you feel your voice is not being adequately heard by those that can possibly affect change.... you make noise where it WILL be heard... and it can sometimes be a bit annoying and messy.

    If NI was more responsive in other areas of this community, it would be help decrease the amount of frustration being voiced here.

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