Where are all the tags stored, ID3 or Traktor?

Reverend Roberts
Reverend Roberts Member Posts: 11 Member

Can anyone confirm where all the tags are stored? I know some are stored within the ID3 and that Traktor stores some itself.

The reason to ask this is that I have recently removed a lot of music from my collection, but I may want to add it back at a later date. The last thing I want to do is to lose anything I may have entered into comments 2, rating, genre etc. I have looked around, but there seems to be various answers and no definitive list.

Please only comment if you know for fact where each one is stored as this could help other people in the future.

Artist - ID3


Catalog No.



Comment 2

Cover Art

Genre- ID3

Import Date


Key Text


Last Played



Play Count




Release Date


Title- ID3




  • Mandiboy
    Mandiboy Member Posts: 8 Member

    To ID3 is saved (according to my experimental verification ;-):

    • Label
    • Title
    • Remixer
    • Producer
    • Lyrics
    • Release
    • Genre
    • Artist
    • BPM
    • Date
    • Track

  • Reverend Roberts
    Reverend Roberts Member Posts: 11 Member

    Thanks for that, that is a really good start.

    I am also pretty sure that track, cover art, key and possibly comment is ID3 as well but would like confirmation.

    I am also pretty sure comment 2, import date, play count, and coler is Traktor only.

    Confirmed ID3

    • Label
    • Title
    • Remixer
    • Producer
    • Lyrics
    • Release
    • Genre
    • Artist
    • BPM
    • Date
    • Track

    Still to confirm

    Catalog No. ???

    Color - Traktor only?

    Comment - ID3?

    Comment 2 - Traktor only?

    Cover Art - ID3?

    Import Date - Traktor only?

    Key - ID3?

    Key Text - ????

    Last Played - Traktor only?

    Mix ???

    Play Count - Traktor only?

    Rating ???

    Track - ID3?

  • Sunborn
    Sunborn Member Posts: 2,193 Expert

    You need to back up the folders "Coverart", "Stripes" and "Transients", all tracks related info are there.

  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 224 Pro

    Color - Definitely Traktor only

    Comment - Definitely ID3

    Comment 2 - Definitely Traktor only

    Cover Art - Definitely ID3

    Import Date - Definitely Traktor only (it's the date you import the track into your Traktor Collection)

    Key - Definitely Traktor only (this is Key that has been identified by Traktor)

    Key Text - Definitely ID3 (this is the one that Traktor overwrites, even if you DON'T WANT IT TO!!!)

    Last Played - Definitely Traktor only

    Mix - Definitely Traktor only

    Play Count - Definitely Traktor only (Number of times you've played the track in Traktor)

    Rating - Definitely ID3 (saved as Popularimeter (POPM) Tag in the file)

    Release Date - Definitely ID3 (saved as YEAR Tag in the file)

    Track - Definitely ID3 (Numerical Only)

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