Komplete 13 Ultimate HDD pointless?

jamesdesilva Member Posts: 1 Newcomer


I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong - but I bought a physical HDD copy of Komplete 13 Ultimate and have plugged in the drive. Native Access is installed and I've registered my serial number correctly and I'm able to install my products - however, it seems that Native Access is just downloading all the products from NI rather than using the HDD.

What is the point in the HDD if not to install from? If i'd known it was useless I would have bought a download copy in the first place. I live in a remote rural area with not-so-great internet speeds and downloading 545gb of data will take weeks... That's not what I paid for and I'm really unhappy.

You've got two choices NI - send me a drive that works the way it should or I want a refund.

Regards, James.



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