Komplete Ultimate 13/Maschine Plus/Kontakt

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I'm new to Maschine Plus. I am listing Komplete, Maschine, and Kontakt in the subject line because any of these can be the culprit. I really appreciate any assistance. I am listening to the demo sounds and the sounds sound fine but when I select a kit and hit a pad, the sounds sound distorted/static. I know it can't be like this. I can listen to anything else through my speakers and it sounds fine. I have Windows 10, 16GB of ram. I am using Komplete 13 ultimate as well. Please help if you can. I'm sure someone else has experienced this. BTW, this community is great!!


  • Matt_NI
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    Is this happening to you when using Maschine Plus?

  • barr7004
    barr7004 Member Posts: 17 Newcomer

    Yes, while using Maschine Plus

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