reassigning controls in M32 and Logic Pro 10.7.3

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Hi, I just bought a KK M32 keyboard controller to use with my MacBook Pro 15" 2018 (Monterey 12.2.1) and am wondering if I can do something...

I'd like to have two different modes that the controller works within. Mode 1 would be used when I'm recording / mixing VoiceOver/vocals. I'd like the pitch strip to control the fader of any selected channel strip in Logic, and I'd like the mod strip to control the master fader. Then I'd like to use the knobs to control various parameters in my plugins etc, along with EQ, pan, etc.

The second mode, would be used for music creation, and I'd like it to function as a keyboard, with a pitch strip and mod strip doing what I would expect them to do on any keyboard.

Is this possible, and if so, how do I do it?





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    Hey @iheathen

    The M32 will have only 3 modes in Logic:

    First one is when used on a Komplete Kontrol track, you can browse, load, play and control an instrument.

    Second is the host control of Logic and mixer, that means when you're not on a Komplete Kontrol track.

    Third is MIDI mode. You can enter MIDI mode by pressing SHIFT + PLUGIN / MIDI. This gives you 8 knobs, 8 MIDI CCs that you can assign to what you like in Logic. The two touchstrips can't be re-assigned to anything else than Pitch Wheel and Modwheel.

    Also, when you navigate to another track, the keyboard will go back to host control. The only way to override this is by creating a Key command to Bypass all Control Surfaces, this way you can toggle between normal and MIDI mode.

    For more details on the Logic integration, I'd recommend to check the manual here and the cheat sheet here.

    Maybe some other users have found workarounds for these limitations.

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    Is there any way to make the first volume control ONLY control the currently selected track in Logic without all these button clicks and steps?

    Switching on and off Bypass All Control Surfaces is a complete cluster and M32 loses the Midi memory you have assigned to it here and there. In reality, it does not work really well.

    If I have a session with 20 tracks, I can only control the first 8 with the knobs making the keyboard integration completely useless with Logic?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Well, if you have more than 8 tracks, when you navigate to track 9 the M32 will control tracks 9 to 16, then if you move to track 17 it will control track 17-24, etc...

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