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Good evening, I am writing here because of a concern regarding the company's policy.

1 year ago I bought K13 Ultimate at a discount. Even though NI's reputation and inability to write stable software was already known to me I still wanted to give myself a christmas present given the presence of very good quality libraries.

Today, after a period away from music, I wanted to get back into it and dust off the K13. After updating everything necessary through NA I open a new project to record some ideas I had in my head and when I started opening some instruments through Kontakt my blood froze.

Some libraries like Amati Viola, Stradivari Cello and others require the latest version of Kontakt. Strange, I thought, it is already updated to 6.8.0, the latest, but looking closer I am kindly told to upgrade to K7... a paid version? again? excuse me? I've already given you 1000€ what more do you want? my blood? since when do we accept that a company is taking us for a ride like this?? the anger and disappointment I felt when I found this out killed my artistic moment and in the end I saved the project with others vst, luckily NI is not the only company existing on this planet.

Now, don't tell me that there is K7 Player because that would just be taking the piss.

When you buy a car and after 1 year it doesn't turn on you call the dealer and he tells you that in order to use it you have to pay for a software update would you find that fair/legal? If you go to a movie theater and at the end of the first half the director comes in and says that in the meantime there has been a software update to the projector and therefore you have to pay for a second ticket would you find that correct/fair/legal? Seriously, what are we talking about???

Unbelievable.. if I want to use some of the libraries I ALREADY paid for, I have to pay a second time. There are grounds for a class action here but unfortunately there are too many fanboys.

One thing is for sure, all my future plans to buy others things by this company go by force into the trash as well as by force I just finished pressing uninstall on all NI products and after this post even firefox will forget about the NI site.

You fooled me once, I will not be fooled a second time.

And you are free to close this post and ban me, I don't care.


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    Not trying to contradict you or your delusion, but to offer you a way to use the software you paid for:

    The situation is a little bit different. You can still use your libraries even remaining in Kontakt 6. Many libraries versions available in Native Access now require Kontakt 7, BUT you can still install previous version (working with Kontakt 6). The real problem is that they are not in NA, therefore you will have to ask for the installers to NI support, since they are not publishing previous versions on their site from many years.

    You can find some of them in this thread and eventually ask support to provide the others one by one. I do agree this is not a good policy and a correct way to support their customers, but at least it’s feasible.

    In this way you’ll be able to use what you paid for (although not to update to newest versions)

    If instead you are really disgusted by this kind of behavior and want to abandon a company acting like this, I suggest you to sell your NI products so at least you will have a part of your money back

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    @LeftRight I'll repeat it again, no one is forcing you to buy anything. You only need the free version of Kontakt to be able to use NI libraries, Kontakt 7 Player is FREE.

    However if you don't want or can't update to Kontakt 7 Player, then we have the installers here: Previous versions of recently updated Kontakt libraries / compatibility with K6 older libraries

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