Pro Tools Stability - is usb-ethernet the culprit?

thedukewestern Member Posts: 1 Member

Windows 10 64 bit

Avid Dock/Eucon

RME Fireface USB

Im having all kinds of odd stability issues when I use Kontakt (5 and 7) or Komplete control inside of Pro Tools. Shortcuts not working, Eucon dropping out, and almost always with the eventual complete crash.

I did a full system re-install this past decemeber when upgrading to Eucon, and added a usb-ethernet adapter to handle my internet duties (as Eucon requires my hardline ethernet port) thinking it would do better than wifi. Native access gives me an error saying I need to disable my vpn for it to work. Native Access works fine over wifi, however I am in the beginning stages of testing stability issues with Kontakt/Komplete control itself inside of Pro Tools as of late. I have had pretty terrible luck the past few weeks. Does Kontakt need to see the internet to function? I disabled the "share data" function in all the versions I use in the standalone version, will this migrate into the daw versions?

Any stability info other users can share would be very welcome. Thanks!



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @thedukewestern Kontakt shouldn't need internet to operate, the setting regarding data will also apply for Kontakt within a DAW. Do you have a Komplete Kontrol keybooard?

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