Improvements to the grid system

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An improved system for editing de grid with the direct option of moving it half a beat, for all those tracks with breakbeats that make the algorithm go nuts.

Also the possibility to put a beatgrid beyond the start of the track, for all those files that need a little room before the beginning to get the grid fit on the bar.

And ternary structures grid. And bpm conversor for it's equivalence in 4/4.

And of course, flexible beatgrids.

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  • setaquehabla
    setaquehabla Member Posts: 16 Helper
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    Also it would be great to have a time signature for every grid marker, i.e. 4/4 or 3/8 or 5/4, so we could directly loop bars and phrases correctly. Also add some visual tools to see the common points between two songs with different time signatures. A case: in Deck A we got a 4/4 grid, and in Deck B a 5/4 grid, so we could have a visual marker in Deck A every 5 bars, and in Deck B every 4 to show visually the right moments to do our thing.

    Another grid related cool stuff would be a time signature adapter, so if we got a 3/4 track we could repeat the last beat of the bar to get a "4/4 feeling", or if we got a 5/4 to automatically jump every 5th beat.

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