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It has been over a week before the last thread was closed. Did the update not work out? vaporware?

I hope not, it seemed awesome!



  • Astralbeats_225
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    They said they ran into some additional bugs and they postponed the release until it all gets fixed. No eta but I'm confident they are going to release it. I doubt they would scrub it.

  • djadidai
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    “It will just come out when it’s ready”. Love that.

  • Kubrak
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    It comes, when it comes. No need to know more.

  • latoxine
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    Be carefull, it's like Beetlejuice etc... if you say UPDATE three times, this thread will be closed ! 😁

  • tom80
    tom80 Member Posts: 8 Sine

    I believe the opposite. More transparency is needed. This is a rather expensive product that has serious stability issues for a lot of users.

  • djadidai
    djadidai MalmöMember Posts: 100 Tri

    I believe the opposite. I believe we should leave them alone and and let them do their work. They’ve heard our complaints about stability. They’re aware that it’s a big issue and that NI has too much to lose if they don’t fix it.

  • thegreenman
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    I have to say there is one thing M+ does better than all the competitors

    When I sample, the sample is instantly named with year, month, date, time etc

    this helps me a lot!

  • Peter Harris
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    I'm with you. I'm glad they're going to take the time to do it right. I don't want to have to endure weeks of more complaining here that they rushed it out.

  • djadidai
    djadidai MalmöMember Posts: 100 Tri

    You have to understand you are not the only customer they are targeting. Seems like you think that. There is a time to rattle the potts and pans, and they have been rattled enough atm. Take a pause from rattling from time to time, it’s not like we’ll get a roadmap or a roadmaptransparency at least at this moment.

    just chill for at least a week or two.

  • HammyHavoc
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    You seem to be assuming a lot of things. I'm not assuming anything is aimed at me, it is an observation that NI aren't really targeting any one demographic, it's a scattershot feature-set, and what they do have is odd versus what they don't have, especially when compared against competing solutions that have really come on in leaps and bounds these past few years.

    I chilled for well over a year mate. I've been a Maschine user since MK1. Love it, but frustrated. Hardware is great, software leaves a lot to be desired in 2022. It's getting to a point where I'll likely get pushed to a competitor unless things start to change, which would suck considering how heavily I'm entrenched in NI hardware and software. It's a few changes short of brilliant, but what it lacks is becoming a pain.

  • djadidai
    djadidai MalmöMember Posts: 100 Tri

    It’s a few changes short of brilliant, there we agree.

  • DeepThumb
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    To me it has never been an OR question but an AND Question because no eco system is perfect. Take the best functionality from every vendor you like and don't waste your time with interfacing their devices too much.

  • HammyHavoc
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    I agree, but found the "as well as" thing to be counterproductive these days. Very close to just calling it a day and feeding Ableton Live with a Push (in place of Maschine VSTi) into Nuendo or Reaper to get non-linear functionality within a linear DAW with decent game middleware function. Two DAWs, but much more functionality in some ways.

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