'Rellocate All' is broken.

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I recently changed my OS drive name and had to relocate all the FX and few other things.

For the FX using "relocate all" and pointing it to "/Applications/Native Instruments" did not work, i had to point each one individually. I didn't even try with instruments and just also did it manually one by one.

Trying to relocate the Maschine Library also gives me an "invalid path or directory error" - The error is not on my end, the path exists, the lib was already installed there, etc... I tried both:

  • /Users/Shared/Maschine 2 Library
  • /Users/Shared/

To resolve the Maschine problem i had to temporarily change my preferences from my external HD to my HD, using the default: /Users/Shared/ path, reinstall, then change it back. I dont know if this is related but doubt it.

My details:

  • MacOS Ventura 13.6.1 (M1 MBA)
  • NA2 3.8.0 (9829c57 /
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