Native Access not showing an install option for Quickbooks Pro

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So weird the spam that shows up on occasion!

Today, several posts about Quickbooks...

Anyway.. just went for a brief chuckle with this post.

Everybody back to work or fun now!



  • Kymeia
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    I must admit I really don't understand the point of spam. I mean I know they want to sell stuff and I guess they prey on the gullible but you would have to be seriously dumb to even follow their links, and surely most people seeing this would think I am not going to do business with, or even trust, such a scummy company that resorts to spamming.

  • reffahcs
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    I'm wondering if they weren't trying to influence google search results. A lot of scammers will actually buy google ads with scam numbers for popular products.

    Yeah the whole thing is designed to weed out people who would never fall for the actual scam when they get them on the phone. Hence it's common to see a lot of misspelled words, domain names that aren't correct etc... If you're smart enough to not believe the email, they already know you're smart enough to not believe you have go buy the IRS Amazon gift cards to pay your back taxes.

  • Kymeia
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    Ok so now we have ‘magic love spell’ spam?


  • nightjar
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    Hmm.. thing is, I might want a Kontakt Instrument named Magic Love Spell.

    Some vocal loops of enchantments could be handy.

  • DunedinDragon
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    I find it sad that there's a whole generation of people that have no concept of how everything on the internet or on TV is "free" for their personal use and then complain about "spam" and can't differentiate that from advertising.

    How much did you pay to watch the football playoff games? Did any of you go out and buy any of those products advertised? Eventually you might when you have a need for it. In this case it's tax season. But the football games were "free" because you gave a moment of attention to a company raising your awareness of their product. In case you hadn't noticed, Native Access if also "free". But there are certainly costs involved in development and ongoing support. Have you been getting billed for any of it?

    Oh, and don't give me the lame naive response of the "big, bad rich corporation taking advantage of little ol' me", unless you're a teenager without any concept of how businesses are run and how expensive it is to run one, and how a bunch of "little ol' me's" actually own the company they're complaining about because they invested their hard earned dollars from their everyday jobs expecting to make a better return on their money than putting it in a savings account that earns less than the inflation rate of everything you need to buy, or they have the foresight to have a portfolio of investments that will allow them to send their kids to college or retire and not have to count pennies to be able to pay their bills in their old age.

    I don't think of this as a millenial generation problem. I think of it as an "it's all about me" generation.

  • Kymeia
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    Oh this is definitely spam and also some of the spambots we have had here have been “advertising” illegal things like warez and even counterfeit money. We are quite capable of distinguishing spam from advertising but in any case this forum is not the appropriate place for advertising something like Quickbooks and certainly not “magic spells” which is obviously also a scam

  • D-One
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    This is a company owned forum, funded by the company itself... theres is no advertising here except from NI itself, so if you see any, report it.

    You would be surprised... If people fall for the "I am the prince of Nigeria and want to give you 10 million" famous email they can fall for anything, latest one is the telegram scam on youtube comments, crazy but tons of people came here and are tech illiterate to the point of posting their email, phone number, address, serial numbers even pics of their kids.... :S

    My mom could easily fall for scams if she couldnt just ask me "is it ok to clikc here?"

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