Traktor Kontrol S2 work with Manjaro

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Hi to all,

i have a little trouble, with Traktor Kontrol S2, work great with Win7.

i'm not a friend of Win 8..10..11

But i work a few time with Linux Manjaro, is a very nice OS. But i dont no, the HID function works great. But i can't work with the soundcard of the controller.

The os shows the controller in the commandline via usb.

But doesn't connect with.

i know, not driver support for linux.

is there still a way to connect the internal soundcard of the controller?

i try to connect the controller via wine, but doesn't work. I will try again the next days and reply.

thanks for reading, have a nice day👋



  • Uwe303
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    isn't it class compliant? here they write it somewhere. But I'm not a linux expert, so can't help you further.


  • Flo
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    Hi Uwe,

    thanks for the very fast answer👋😇 Class compilant is not really right, mac and win has some drivers, but linux unfortunately no.

    I showed the Traktor via commandline "lsusb" as a device but the Software MIXXX can't see the soundcard of it. i would prefer i use traktor pro, but no linux version is there. I can use the joggs and faders with a HID-Mapping from git for MIXXX. Its a little spongy, i hope i can change the javascript to work more direct.

    My intension is the S2 use as standalone controller. The worst case is install win7 at my notebook with dualboot linux to use the S2. I tather fix things or make things work than throw them away or sell them.

    i check the next few days wine, wineAsio and jack. As soon as I have a solution I will report in detail.

    Thanks uwe for the git-link, is very interesting

    have a nice weekend👋

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