Play Only customized Chords capability

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Good morning, let me start by saying that I don't have much musical knowledge and would only need to play the chords of any virtual instrument present on Kontakt. I would like to be able to associate the chords (major, minor, sus etc..) to the keys on the Mac keyboard and therefore be able to play them. So far, the only possibility I've found, reading online, is to use the Chord-Tonal function, present in Script Editor - Preset - Factory, but it doesn't let me choose the chords to insert. For example, if I choose the major scale, the seventh or sus chords are missing. I don't know if Kontakt 7 is the right instrument... I hope I've clarified what I need... a sort of smart instruments, with customizable chords that can be played simply by pressing a key on the Mac keyboard. Specifically, the instrument I would like to play is a pipe organ, like those present in the Church. I've found a great free pipe Organ library in Internet and I would really like to be able to play the chords. I await your advice and thank you

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