Can’t change to phone on Audio 6

Kings081 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

As the title states I can’t change my Audio 6 to phono within Traktor Pro 3. I know that in the audio setup in the phono/line section you have the 2 input channels and next to them is a settings button you must click on to open another window to be able to toggle between line/phono. However, when I click on settings nothing happens. The button just goes blue if I click and hold the mouse on it. Nothing more. I’m using vinyl timecode. When i calibrate the vinyl it says low input due to only being in line mode. Any help appreciated. Thanks



  • red_nick
    red_nick Member Posts: 91 Member

    Got the driver installed (or control panel on Mac 10.15+)?

  • Kings081
    Kings081 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Just after I posted the question I discovered I needed to download control panel. All sorted 👍

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