Is it going to happen?

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Just a question. I've literally been waiting YEARS for Native Instruments to introduce Flexible Beat Gridding to Traktor. In 2023(or was it 2022?) they released a timeline where it was going to be introduced, or at least be given priority, by the 2 quarter of the year. Since then I've heard ZERO. Should I just give up waiting?



  • lord-carlos
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    No one but NI could tell you.

    They said they will tell us more in January. But as you know NI does not care much for deadlines :D

    I don't know what your plan is, but maybe wait a month longer?

    Or start looking around and mess with trial / test versions of other software while playing gigs with traktor? Do you need flexible grids?

  • Patch
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    Yeah. I've given up mate.

    Something in the base code must stop it happening without a significant rewrite. ☹️

  • Hinds
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    @lord-carlos Yes, I need Flexible Beatgrids!! I like to mix music with human drummers sometimes and Traktor simply can't cope. It's now January 23 and still nothing! These guys are clowns,,,,

  • Hinds
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    @Patch They've had enough time to rewrite the ENTIRE program!

  • SteveKDJ
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    I feel, I see, I hear, they have rewritten it but like a virus, like a fungus, they have multiplied the multitude of errors. It is a bankruptcy disaster.

  • Harald Walker
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    Today NAMM 2024 starts, so if they have something to announce in January today would be a good day for that.

    Native Instruments are there, although a bit away from the main area in what is being called a private meeting room.

  • 6xes
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    out of curiosity, have you tried the "follow tempo" inside of Ableton live 11 lite...

    follow tempo provides a semi decent method of audio synchronising on the fly... which in essence changes realtime bpm shifts...

    do note it is a realtime syncing, where Ableton acts as the master receiving an incoming audio signal into Ableton... at which point Ableton adjusts the tempo according to the transients it follows... in turn a midi signal is sent out to be received in Traktor which follows the tempo of Ableton...

    how Traktor behaves with syncing... when receiving midi sync... needs to be tested to see if it meets your needs....

    its something I've toyed around with when applications have no midi syncing with relative success depending on how well the rhythm transients are heard

    worth a try... if you haven't tried Ableton follow....

    good luck with waiting for flexible beat-gridding to be implemented lol

  • lord-carlos
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    You should give the latest version of Djay a try, it seems to have one of the best flexible beatgrid implementation:

  • PK The DJ
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    Agreed, the Fluid Beatgrid™ in DJay Pro is very smart, and extremely useful for keeping drifty tracks in sync - but aside from that feature, the software lacks some really basic functionality.

    It's really designed around using existing libraries, such as iTunes/Apple Music and streaming services, rather than your own files and folders.

    Tag editing is only possible on Mac. There's no way to do it on Windows!

    There's limited native support for controllers, especially new ones. It's not too hard to map, but time consuming.

    Stem separation quality has only been upgraded on certain hardware. The Windows version is still on the 1st gen quality.

  • viper9711
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    I tried DJay once with tracks from the 70s + 80s + hip hop. The beat grid detection is really incredibly accurate over the entire track length - respect - they did a great job

  • PK The DJ
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    Reloop have just revealed a Pro version of their Mixtour controller, developed with Laidback Luke:

  • zephry
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    Hopefully soon. The Flexible Grids are mentioned in a comment by Friedemann. Added to this post.

    "Over the past weeks, we received many questions about the status of the most requested topics on our Feature Roadmap – Flexible Beatgrids and in-app Stem Separation. I’m happy to share that, in parallel with our maintenance efforts and expanding X1 MK3 integration based on user feedback, both features are making good progress. "

  • Terrordisco
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    They rewrote most of it and released on the ipad. And then... idk? One day this will be a book.

  • Harald Walker
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    We will share the next steps with you after the release of version 3.11, so stay tuned for that in January.

    a few hours left, although he didn’t mention the year. 🤷‍♂️

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    i can't help but notice that the beta section of the forum is gone. i am the only one ?

    it's back somehow...

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