Layering multiple instruments in Maschine MK3...?

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I have been told that one workaround for not being able to layer multiple instruments (2-3-4) and play all of them at the same time through the S88 MK2 keyboard without having to use a computer/DAW - is to connect a Maschine MK3 to the S88 MK2 keyboard.

And then load the multiple instruments into the Maschine MK3...

Is this correct?


  • darkwaves
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    The MK3 is nothing without a computer. You would load sounds via the maschine software; just like you'd do with a computer and a DAW. There's nothing special about the mk3 in this regard.

    Maschine+ would let you do it without a computer; because it is the computer.

  • G.B.
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    I guess I should have been a little more specific...:)

    The Maschine MK3 and the Kontrol S88 MK2 keyboard will be hooked with to/with a computer.

    I am trying to get away from having to use a "DAW" (Kontakt in this case) - and just play a number of instruments at once - like you can on a synth or arranger, etc.

    Can you layer 2,3,4 instruments (piano, strings, brass, pad,) in Maschine MK3 and just play them all at once on the connected S88 MK2...?

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    Why not just use the maschine program and load kontakt inside of the maschine software? Or is that where the limiting of instruments comes in?

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