KONTAKT 7 corrupted database

aka Member Posts: 34 Member

NI again screwed things in Kontakt-7 by removing the option to rebuild/add database. That option at least was able fix some issues. Now user is redirected to Native Access which has no tool or option to rescan the database. This downgraded feature was super stupid move.

My Kontakt7 database got somehow corrupted. When I select library and pick the preset from the list it sometimes opens up a preset from another library. When I select library image, on some libraries it lists patches from other libraries, on some it shows only single patch (while I know there are many more) etc. Total mess.

I remember from Kontakt5 there was a way to manually delete some files and have KK or Kontakt rescan and rebuild the data. Not sure what was that and if the file locations, filenames etc have changed or not. I would appreciate if somebody could post some tips. I checked few on-line vids but they all refer to Kontakt4 or 6 and things look very different in Kontakt7.

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