Advance playlist preparation mapped to hardware, where to start

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Basically, I buy record label discographies of music. I like to dive in and mix to experiment what works well and what doesn't.

However, the context is lost when it comes to organisation of 'energy, feel, danceability, subgenre etc' with out mixing- especially as I mix dubstep/140 which has a lot of infusions of other genres not really listed.

I would like to be able to quickly send tracks to certain playlists to further organise through hardware while mixing. How advance can map something similar to the preparation playlist feature on the s4 mk3? am I only limited to just the preparation playlist?



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    I'm not aware of any way to do that.

    What I do is use OneTagger before I add the music to Traktor. There I can configure energy, genres, tags with shortcuts. Inside traktor I have smart playlist that automatically fill with the tracks once they get added.

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    Ah no worries,

    I don't think one tagger is what I'm looking for as I'm talking more about curated playlist organisation in hindsight- as it's the weekend I'll try and figure out mapping on my machine jam if it's doable

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    I think it´s worth mentioning that "preparation list" ist not a single static playlist. You can set every playlist as "preparation list" by right-clicking on it. It´s like highlighting a playlist.

    There are a couple of midi commands for browser list and tree but AFAIK unfortunately there is no midi command to make a playlist a "preparation list". You would have to use mouse/trackpad to "highlight" a playlist as "preparation list".

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    Sounds like you need to exploit Smartlists, mate.

    Use free text (in Comments, or Comments 2 in the browser) to quickly make a note of what you're thinking as you play a track. Then, create a Smartlist to collate those files based on the free text you label in that tracks tags...

  • Toltemic
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    Firstly thank you for your responses,

    You're right, preparation mapping only goes so far which is frustrating- However, I think I've discovered you can send tracks to playlists via midi using favourites.

    I did do something like this but it became to sluggish for my liking, setting up tags to then use smartlists. The idea for me is to have this as a step to quickly categorise to then begin tagging. I did use my phone to write notes but it interrupted my mixing unfortunately.

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    The other option, if you already have a tagging system (that is, a list of tags that you already use, that make sense to you and enable your mixing system to work), is to use MP3Tag. You can set up "actions" to tag your files in a certain way (using mouse clicks, or key shortcuts) that will tag your files as you listen to them. I always do this before importing music into Traktor.

    Then, when you import them into Traktor, your Smartlists will autopoulate. 👍️

    Using free text tags (Comments/Comment2) with Smartlists is still the best way to go though, mate. Instead of taking notes on your phone, take notes in the Comment/Comment2 tag in the Traktor Browser. Your FIRST Smartlist would be "Comment IS NOT blank". This will bring back all of the music files that you've made added tags to while playing...

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