Traktor Pro 3.10.1 quits automatically without saving any changes/playlists on Mac

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I currently run traktor pro 3.10.1 (latest update) on a macbook pro M2.

Recently i have experienced the following issue: while i'm using traktor searching for tracks, adding songs to my preparation list or whatever, the program suddenly quits without saving anything i have changed or programmed while i was working on it.

When i open traktor again, i have to restart from the beginning or from where i was the last time the program quitted properly with all the savings and stuff.

It happens almost everytime i use traktor.

It didn't happen even once with the previous version.

Anybody experiencing the same thing?

Many thanks


  • lord-carlos
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    I think there is a thread about Apple silicon people who report the same issue.

    Some of them have reverted back to 3.8 if I remember correctly.

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