Upgrading iZotope Ozone 10 Standard

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Hi there,

As we all know we got Ozone 10 Standard. I'd like to upgrade to 11 Advance.

What options do I have? Within NI of course. But since it's not registered in iZotope I can't upgrade it through the iZotope website or PlugInBoutique (which has the best deal currently), right?

Or am I mistaken and actually can buy it on other sites?

Thank you for help.



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  • PoorFellow
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    Ask PlugIn Boutique support and / or NI support if they know if there is a product sold by e.g PlugIn Boutique that will allow you to upgrade/cross-grade to 11 Advanced from 10 standard..

    Else wait , and opportunities may change once NI have 'integrated'/account unified the Izotope products further into NI. (PlugIn Boutique already sells 11 Advanced upgrades/cross-grades of more kinds e.g. this or this)


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