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I recently moved my NI licenses over to a new system for Kontakt 6 Player and Picked Acoustic and updated both products using Native Access (see screenshot). But when I tried to load Picked Acoustic in Logic Pro, it errored with "Kontakt - your version of Kontakt is too old to load this file". The updated Kontakt is in the default directory Application>Native Instruments>Kontakt. Any idea why the updated player is too old for the updated Picket Acoustic library?

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    Thank you, Monochrome!

    I am able to follow the link to mount and install Session Guitarist picked to an older version and it loads successfully on the Kontakt 6 player. But there is no sound coming from the user interface keyboard. When I depressed a key on the IU keyboard, the Midi ch box on kontakt blinks, but the midi output is going through to the Logic channel as there is no activity on the logic channel. I even changed the midi out channel from "All" to "1" in logic but that did not make a difference. This no sound issue seems to be the same with all the other libraries on this new Kontakt player. Any idea will be most appreciated.


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