special offers if i already have 13 ultimate and izotope music production suite 3

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So i keep getting these special offers... are they going to link up email so that this new partnership knows that i already have most of what they are offering? Also as a long time customer, what are my special offers? the only thing i need is k13u special edition or whatever its called and mps 4.1.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @espxplorer92 right now as a Komplete 13 Ultimate owner, you can get iZotope's MPS 4.1 at a special price. The deal will be over tomorrow I believe.

    Do you already own most of iZotope products, which is why the offer is not relevant?

    By the way if you want to upgrade to Komplete 13 Ultimate Collector's Edition and get MPS 4.1 combined, we had exactly that offer just a couple of weeks ago but the promotion is now over...

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