NTKDaemon.exe Blocked as Threat by Bitdefender

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I've had Native Access installed for few days and have been using the instruments on two machines without issues. A little while ago Bitdefender alerted me to an infected file, quarantined, and almost immediately after flagged ntkdaemon.exe as malware. It and 9 other apps were blocked. The settings.dat file was deleted.

Sorry, no text logs, one probably exists, if I knew how to find it, Bitdefender logs.

Not sure what to ask. These seem to not be false positives as detected by Windows Defender a few months ago.

Windows 11

Native Access 3.8.0 (first installed Dec 18)

Running Native Access just now seemed to be reinstalling itself or updating. It is running OK. Bitdefender did not complain.

These images show the details, as seen in the Bitdefender Protection History....



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